Sunday, May 01, 2011


Self conflict, Oil Paint on Canvas, year 2011

This semester I had 2 projects to follow up. The artwork is based on the theme that you chose. I choose this theme to be applied in my paintings because it is somehow related to me, which means that I always in depressed, sad, anger and lots more that is hard to explain. well this is my 2nd project, the one I haven't upload in here because i got technically wrong in my paintings. I just wanna try in glazing techniques (realism) but it turned out badly. That's why i don't wanna show to you guys, it's really bad I meant it. so I refine what the best technique I should use and finally I got scumbling technique which means that i used a lot of brush strokes techniques. at first it really hard to tackle the stroke and colour and I think it's pretty harder than glazing actually. You have to understand about the colours and the form then you can only do this technique. as the result, i've made it. Thanks to my senior for helping me this out, thank you so much. I wanna explore this technique after this semester break but in the same time i'm exploring another medium in my paintings. I don't wanna stick to the canvas, just wanna figure out something else. well, i'm still doing some experiments and I buzz you guys when I'm done :)

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