Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello blogspot. I'm home.

I think I haven't update my blog in suchhhhhhhhh a longgg timeee. yes! it's been 4 month already. Sorry guys for the late update. Well, i'm frigging busy in shah alam. as usual, lot of assignments to finish up. bla bla bla to be honest, i do reallyyyy hateee this semester. Lot of things happened, i was so miserable, sicked all the time, not enough sleep and yet, i sprained my ankle. GOOD. 9 days passed and no changes. the bruises. HATE YOU. well, a friend of mine asked me to see a doctor cause she said that her friend has died due to err what it called as, "kanser tulang"? Bone cancer is it in english. whatever. it scares me though cause that person sprained his ankle too but dunno how it would be. He died after two months suffering this cancer. okay, But I still don't want to see a doctor, I just scared. Hope this wound will heal soon! please :'(

ok guys, I can write this thing only, actually i'm editing this blog *I forgot how to edit* seems like I left it in ages. haha. well, don't forget to follow in my upcoming update from day to day. ok love ya~

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