Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pride Vs Ego

Okay, can you tell me the differences between pride and ego? Can someone explain me this?  What do you get by doing this? Happy? Satisfaction? Well, it doesn't make you win anyway. Here we go, let me tell you a story about 2 couples had a fight/quarrel on a very very veryyyy small matter actually. 

Well, there is a man, and a woman. Their relationship is rather complicated. They got engaged, I think on the last year. They started with friends, and become secret admirer. Suddenly they lost contact for 3 years because of "someting". Yeayh I couldn't recall it, not a good thing to memorize though. That was in the past. And it's not the main thing i really wanted to talk about. 

Ok, back on the track. It was happening right after the girl's dad birthday celebration. 3 days later, the boy called the girl. The boy is not someone who really spend his time for the girl. The girl understands because the boy is too busy with his job & also part time job. He always come home late at 10 pm onwards. Sometimes, the boy didn't even message the girl, and the girl has to accept that. 

The problem is came from her boy's friend. Because the boy went for Karoke with his friends and his friend's girlfriends. Yes! Without her. He invited her, but she couldn't since it was 5 pm already and she has to be in the home before 7pm. Yes.

The girl bought up this matter. Why the boy went there without her although she is the one who gave the permission in the first place. The girl doesn't want to control his life, at the same time she wanted he UNDERSTANDS HER. If he really understands her, he WON'T GO, even though the girl doesn't stand in a way. No need to ask,when you supposedly know what the answer.

So, the girl keep saying these things to the boy at the night when the boy calling her. Ahh, forgot to mention that his friend who went together to Karoke is also there. Guess he wanted to sleep at the boy's house. The boy mistook the girl about being jealous with his friend's girlfriend, so he did say this,

"WEEHH, AWEK AKU JELES DENGAN AWEK KO WEHH" meaning, "MY GIRLFRIEND IS JEALOUS WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND" YEsss right in front of her (although it's not directly on the face, but still, no girls ever wanted to be treated this way)

The girl became so mad and unconsciously said the word "EE bodoh lahh", and hung up the phone. The boy thought that she said the word to him and here is the drama again. She received a msg from him, saying that thank you for swearing bad words. (Whaaaat?)  You know what, he's totally ignore her from the day they fought up until now. it's 2 weeks already i think.

The girl had apologized for her wrong doing, but the boy didn't do the same thing. Is he just want to protect his EGO? or PRIDE? The girl is clueless and don't know what to do. She is still mad, but she still has to apologize.  Pity isn't it? And I have no idea how long this is going to happen. Maybe till the girl doesn't wake up on tomorrow and by the time it was too late for him. The girl is not jealous, she is mad because the boy has this nasty habit, "JANJI DENGAN RAMAI ORG", and never properly explain the situation. If he really want to go for Karoke, why doesn't ask her earlier? Why wait until 5pm? That's totally absurd!


To be continued...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kenapa lelaki menghilangkan diri tiba-tiba?

Kenapa lelaki  menghilangkan diri secara tiba-tiba? pertanyaan ini aku sering terjumpa di dalam satu forum masalah cinta. Masalah yang biasa perempuan alami iaitu kekasih hati mendiamkan secara tiba-tiba.
Adakah si dia telah berubah hati?

Ada banyak sebab sebenarnya kekasih menghilangkan diri.

1. telefon hilang
 Tak lama mana pun dia menghilang kalau hilang handphone, dia mesti akan contact korang punya. Handphone bukan satu-satunya cara berhubungkan. Sekarang ni boleh berhubung macam-macam cara - skype, facebook, YM, email dan public phone. Kalau dia hilang lebih dari dua hari dan alasannya adalah hilang telefon, korang boleh meraguinya ye.

2. Merajuk
Orang merajuk ni suka ambil tindakan mendiamkan diri dan tunggu dipujuk, jadi korang ingat-ingat balik, ada tak sakitkan atau lukakan hati dia.

3. Masalah peribadi.
Ini biasanya terjadi pada lelaki sebab lelaki ni kena fokus pada satu-satu benda je, sebab tu ada sesetengah orang yang bila dia mempunyai masalah besar, dia akan lupakan korang seketika dan fokus pada masalahnya kerana dorang tak macam perempuan yang boleh buat pelbagai benda dalam satu masa.

4. Hati sudah berubah
Ini korang dapat lihat sendiri dari cara dia melayan korang, mungkin dia sudah ada yang 'baru' jadi korang di abaikan. Hati dan fikiran sudah ada pada yang baru,perasaan pun sudah menjadi tawar, korang ada atau tak, sama je bagi dia. jadi korang sudah menjadi tak penting bagi dia. Maka dia akan jadi macam biskut, kejap ada, kejap tak ada.

Bercinta ni memang rumit, bersedia je lah apa-apa dugaan pun yang jadi sebab korang dah pilih untuk bercinta kan. Bercinta ni bukan hanya dapat kebahagian je tau. tapi pakej ( kebahagiaan + kekecewaan)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

4 Months out of date!

Olla. Been busy since last two months when I got my job for Travel Writer. Guess what? Still feel funny isnt it.. Me? Being a writer? Hilarious! hahah but that's the fact. I've written 9 articles in just two months. Ok, now I can feel proud of myself. And Im so sorry to my blogger as I reallyy reallyyy dont have a time to update. Sibuk sangat update page POTO.. Hehehe..

Well, nanti I share post yang menarik. so hey, lets travel with us! (Promote plak) :P

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Di Lem Ma

Hi Guys,

we meet again! yeahhh, feels like I haven't post in ages. busy with other stuffs, so didn't have much time on it.
dah berhabuk dah blog ni. last post i think i was on july if i'm not mistaken. hehe. well, nothing interesting about how my life's going on. I've been working from Monday to Sunday, Sunday to Monday which is I have no time for my holidays. people asking me, "hey, why did you work so hard? nak kawen ke apa?"

I'm just responded with smiling on my face. They didn't know it's so hard to get a job nowadays. some more, the pay isn't something that we expected. Like now, working as sales executive but there's no other benefits. can u imagine they don't give any commission, allowances like other sales exec do? Just the petrol claim and also toll parking. the reason I'm staying here because I just want the knowledge and experiences. But unfortunatelyyyyy, nothing's gained from this company. I've been promoted as a senior, but honestly speaking what's the point of having this position when all the while I feel like I'm just an assistant to the boss.

he supposedly teach me more that doing the cold calling, meeting clients, presentation. tiba2 rasa macam dia saje je tak nak ajar. nak cari clients sendiri pun dia tak ajar. i must follow all the lists that had been given by him. padahal aku ada contact sendiri, dia tak nak. dia nak dia je punye. tension taw? dh bila nk betul2 independent?  Right now feel like the part time job as a art teacher is more exciting. walau ku terpaksa korbankan sabtu dan ahad. dh lama tau tak dating. semata nk pengalaman. dh macam workholic. ahahaha.

But i got a call from this company, as a sales executive. the offer is quite good. but the thing is, they sell and service about engineering products. Manalah cheq tau bab2 ni. tapi, masa dpt keje yang sekarang ni pun zero. ingat company ni buat ubat untuk kasi kanak2 jadi pandai. padahal buat annual reports. But nothing to worry about, training is provided isn't it? we try, we get it. it's okay to start from the bottom again. actually, i really want to work as a tour consultant. eh ye ke? yang bawa orang p berjalan tuu.. seronok tu, tapi tatau nak cari mana..

So one of my friend introduced me about poto travel ni. usha2 la. uwaaahh,, macam syiok jek.. so this is when I decided to try as a junior travel writer. tatau la boleh ke idok. tulis2 ni bukan senang,, lagi2 formal writing. bab mengarut boleh la bagi kat aku, mmmg no 1. dah try call, so dia kata try je laa, so aku try je la.. janji try ye tak? boleh la tambah ilmu bab menulis pulak. kehkeh.. ok la, nanti hapdet lagi ye. ni saja nk test taip2 tulis ni. lama tak menulis panjang2 ni kan. bagi depa baca cmne .>.<  ok assalamualaikum!