Thursday, May 05, 2011

Naive Art?

The Myths of Wau Bulan
Mediums: Acyclic and pen on canvas
Year: 2011

Okay, this painting i made for my project in Form and Soul subject. well, it is a new subject have been introduced started in my 3rd semester. To be honest, I don't think this subject is needed in fine arts. Sometimes it is ridiculous. Not to mention, it's quite disturbing. Urghh, but since it is 4 credit hours so I have to do it anyway. ok, so in this assignment, we were given a task to make some artworks by our own interpretations and judgments. I chose wau bulan and did some researches about the myths. As usual, i started with the sketches, development of ideas, compositions and final work. And I don't know how it has turned out to be naive art because this is truly out of my style. Totally! well, who cares, I like it somehow. Actually, in the mostly 3 months, I tell you that I understand nothing about it. What is she trying to teach us? Well I hope in the next semester there will be no more form and soul! Cause I already have both. *LOL

: Anit Kachak.

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