Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day mama :)


ya yaaaa i know a lot of mistakes. I just wanna sing to her anyway. ok enjoy :) so this song I made special just for my mama, Siti Zubaidah Omar. Actually, we're having a misunderstanding this morning. For some reasons I couldn't wish mother's day to her. And this is my apologize just for her. mama, love you. I'm sorry.

Lotsa love,
Your daughter, Anith.


  1. I love it my dear!! <333 Next time anith nyanyi men gitar, kak mira record kay. I just found a recording software guna laptop and u would sound amazing with it coz the sound is gonna be crystal clear! ^__^

  2. reallly?? arghh can't wait. hehehe nnt kite men sme2 ea..

  3. gud2,nnti da record bg i dengar ek.hehe

  4. abg mie. this one kinda suck. ahaha sbb guitar tu tak kasi ubat he he. ok next time yaww :P