Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday, 15 May 2011, PRIEST THE MOVIE

Last two days i went to shah alam just wanna return the key to landlord. So boring if i went back to Puchong. I gave a call to my friend who's still staying up in shah alam and asked him to go out just went for a walk. Actually, we wanna to go out just three of us. But somehow in the end, it became five. me and the boys. ahaha.
I want to watch Kongsi the movie in the 1st place but when we went to the cinema it was like, urghhhhhhhhhhhhh selling fast in 2-6 pm? if we were insisted to buy the tickets for sure we didn't get a good seat eh. So, I had to forget it and find another movies. Hmm, water for elephants? Detective 2? and my eyes caught the title "PRIEST". hmm priest? looked at the poster. waa, kinda cool. and the actor in that poster looked so0o hot even he had the "T" sign on his forehead.

Never mind, finally we decided to watch the priest. So we bought our tickets and the movie is started on 5pm. While waiting the movie we went to food court to have hi-tea. eaa? actually one of my friends did not fill his stomach yet. and for some reasons waiting for another one to come. When the clock reached at 4.55 pm we moved to the cinema and waited there.

So peeps, to shorten the stories here, it was a really good movie. the sound effects, the actor (him) and the story itself. I'm here about to convince you to watch this movie :) and I swear that you will not regret it! till then, see ya! bye~

yeayhhh I'm a good driver
My Best Friends and sengal also :)
My Lovely Friends in Food Court Jusco Bukit Raja Klang.


  1. Dah lama tak tengok wayang sejak abang Mie pi jogja. sedeyyyy~ and wayang cni dah takde cite best so maybe tak dapat tgok fast & furious 5. urghhhh~
    oit makcik. semua laki den tgok! =p

  2. hahahahahha.... tgk gak fast n furious 5 tp time kwn anit ajak tu anit ngntuk so trtdo dlm wayang. aha hehe biasalah, i kn jantan sbb tu smua laki je ni hehe