Monday, December 20, 2010

Driving Test

I was so happy yesterday. I have passed my driving test and finally ho yeayhh now i can drive with no fears anymore. i can't wait to see my license done! thanks to my papa cause willing to pay about RM 700 (actually it was RM 500 only). i had to take an extra classes cause i couldn't make it in time to sit for jpj test which mean that I left driving lesson about 6 months. Had to continue my study in UiTM Shah Alam already so i wasn't sure and confident if i could still be able to drive. thanks god that i hadn't forget about it yet. and thanks to my mama for willing to send and fetch me back go to the class. I love youu both...

Before the test i was so afraid I couldn't calm myself down.. my heart beats so fast that i could barely breathe and sometimes it seemed to stop in that moment. I get panicked when the car is not working properly. was it the car fault or because i was too scared? my heart keep saying, "please let me pass the bukit please please god please." and i repeated that in 100 of times. haha

Luckily i made it at last. "fuh lega, mmpus seb bek tak ke blakang kete... " after i passed for the bukit i have no longer worried anymore. then tadaaaa the jpj said, "tahniah awak lulus ye. nah sign" thnks god once again :)

Then i had to wait for part 3.. on the road test. this time i didn't worry and afraid just to make sure that i didn't make any mistakes. the tester is quite young but seemed that he was pretty quite. he didn't speak any at all. I asked him myself which road should be taken. he just simply not talking and just sit there with exhausted on his face. whatever, not my problem anyway.

From what i heard that they all came from putrajaya and no wonder they were being so strict with us. not many people passed for the bukit and i was the one of lucky person. in addition, it's december, the end of this year so maybe they wanted extra bonus perhaps? haaha no idea. well, still not my problem anyway. for those who hasn't take it yet or was about to take it, wish you a good luck! :)

pic for my driving licence. HAHA