Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Babysitting Adam :)

Yesterday my mom, my two elder sisters and I went to shah alam to buy tudungs in jakel and ariani. so, we brought adam along with us. of course we have to, we can't leave adam behind in the house haha. I asked my sister to be his babysitter on our way to shah alam. i was so excited back then. i just want to know the feelings how a mother take care of his own son..

Adam couldn't sit properly. he's always want to roll up here, roll down here and sometimes he cried *he always done that. ^_^ i couldn't even predict what he wanted, eat? sleep? poops? pee? hahaha. but it's ok no matter how i still can take care about it.

So, they left adam and i in the car to buy something out there. so i had to look for adam in the moment.. i thought they wouldn't be so long and i didn't expect it was an hour till they came back from jakel. no, i think it is more than an hour.
In a period of time, adam woke up suddenly and he started to cry and i panicked. at fisrt, i wanted to tell my sister t
hat he had woken up but then i'm started to think that I should handle it with myself, well he's my nephew anyway :)

Luckily, I managed to make adam to sleep over and over again. but he seemed couldn't sleep very well , I reckoned that he wasn't feel very comfortable in the car. he woke up oftenly so i had to make him sleep with lullaby. and guess what? in the end, i fell asleep together with him until my mom knocked the car's door.

So, that was how it went to be his babysitter. and on our way headed to puchong, adam pooped! "ok ummi, now i give adam to you. I'm done here" :)

p/s: Adam, I love you baby! <3


  1. penyayang-nye kawan baikku yang sorg nie....ololo~ hehehehe.. at last! merase jugak ko ngn baby kn??

  2. yessss dh leh anak sndiri dh hahahah :)

    heee ye la dh ko sulong kn so cepat2 la kawin :))