Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bandung & Jakarta Vacation

Went to bandung about a week ago but I'm only update this blog today. dunno why I'm being so lazy.. nothing much to say about my end year vacation. As you know( I don't even care if U may not know yet HAHA), I dunno how to describe it. was it fun there? was it boring? was it ok? whatever. to me, it's ok cause i went there with another group trip handled by my uncle (he is our tourist guide and working at NARSCO.) am i spelling it right?? it is travel service which can guide you or take you to travel to other countries with low fees. I just paid about RM 1500 for flight ticket (MAS), hotel, food and so on. was it cheap right?

but there were a bunch of people and i was always get stuck in traffic jam and hell ya! damn tired get chased by people forcing me to buy their goods. "kak beli ni kak 50ribu je, kak beli ni 10 untuk 100ribu bla bla." i always have to convert it into RM and still confusing how much it cost? i only know that 10thousand worth for RM 4. HAHA. so the end of April 2011 i'm about to travel to Vietnam. whoever interested, please contact me ok? 4 days and 3 nights.

Details will be updated.
OK what we called it? Pecel ayam r?? this is one of the kind of Indonesian food

ok, i dunno what it called it.. just ate it! and delicious nyum2

Angklung shows


STUDIO ARTIS. so huge! can make 15 different locations for film shooting

DO YOU know this woman besides me?OR THIS GUY??? meet them in studio artist. they both actress and actor! pretty famous~

There are too many to write and still a lot of places that I haven't put in here. just want to show off and piss u off about the actor and actress only. haha i was just too lucky LOL even i don't really watch their drama though ^^

ok, that's how my end year vacation went. how about yours? hope u guys have a blast holiday too. :)