Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm back~!

fuh. I think I haven't write a new post for such a longggggg time. well, actually i forgot the e-mail for this blog. i miss it very much. i have a lot of things to write in here but i have no idea what to drop first. new experience in my 1st degree? well, it is too much to ask for. or new friends that i've met? nothing much happened in my

As you know, i'm continuing my study in UiTM Shah Alam in the same courses, fine arts for sure. it is quite tough than i thought and it is a lil bit different from my diploma back then. to make it simple, i don't really like the subject and the contents. and of course, i chose majoring in painting instead of sculpture and print making even though i was thinking that sculpture might be the best choice for me. am I make a wrong decision? i wasn't think too much when lecturer asked me.

I just thought that painting might be the easiest subject rather than the other two. and i was completely wrong. i'd been asked to find the new style of arts? what the heck is that? in just for 4 months, no, 3 months 3 weeks I have to create another totally completely absolutely different style. i'm not good in this such situation and it took me an ages to be able find the style that lecturer wanted. yet, to be honest in 13 weeks in his classes my artworks have been rejected about 12 times! cool eh?

It's freaking annoying and i was about just to give up the subject cause I couldn't take it anymore. thank god i was able to stand up to finish up this killing subject (just for me i think HAHA). But i don't know how much i will get in this subject as i changed too much style and materials. well I hope it won't so bad though. thanks to my friends that gave me so much moral supports and keep me warm whenever i'm down. you guys rock. I love u. and my family for sure, thanks for understanding my course and for everytingggggg :)

ok ok, just that for now. I'm out of idea. byee-b~~

tadaaa.. and this is the result of my painting. still need a lotttttt to learn.

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