Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 hours to tune the guitar by my own ears!

hahaha, yesterday i went to giant to get my guitar's strings to be fixed and changed. so, i went there with my oneechan and chichi (big sis and my father). i thought that i could change the strings to acoustic one but apparently it didn't fit at all ( i used classical strings when 1st i bought the guitar which is it's sort of nilon strings). i picked it because they said it's suitable for new beginner like me and also good at plucking. that time i've no idea that plucking was such a bloody hard. the sounds more sharp and nice if we use nilon to pluck the guitar. moreover, for new beginners your fingers won't get hurt too bad if you press the strings too hard. i've tried the acoustic one but my finger got wounded and had to stop playing about in a couple of weeks! sbb tu la,, baik aku amek nilon. tpi tak sangka lak, nilon is not suitable for strumming which the sounds get deeper (maksudnye tak nyaring so mana la sdp sgt). so i guess i have to buy another one haha (saja cari alasan nak beli semi acoustic). yess my dream is to collect all the four sorts of guitar! sorry, gua memang tamak haloba. ohh i just forgot, what do we talked about just now? oh yaa after i sent it i had to wait about 30 minutes i assume sampai tatau dah jalan mana, Giant tu bukan cm ioi mall, mid valley ke leh jalan banyak2 =.='

okay after i got my guitar back, we headed to home,, ohh i was so excited and tak sabarrrr nak main twos.. tp bila kat umah nak main, i was like.. whattt the hell?? the sounds are just not right!lari tune abes. tapi, dah try masa amek guitar tu asal tune leh lari. arghhh, keciwa la beta. so, i tried to re-tune the sounds (hebat x), after 15 minutes, i failed. gosh, what the f*** it was bloody hard, i wonder how they could tune the guitar in just 30 seconds! (pro guitarist no wonder) and me? hahahah noob! but i didn't want to give up easily. i've tried even though i no nothing about it. you tell me. haihh, i knew the sounds weren't right but i just didn't know how to fix it. okay, that's when i asked a favor from dr youtube. kata teknologi kan. hehe so dengar la tune tu satu2 sampai la telinga aku ni bernanah.

and you know what, at last, finally in the end i managed to do it!! 5 hours, stick with my guitar tanpa henti. okay i lied, takde la tanpa henti. berhenti la untuk makan n semayang kan, hahah macam nak mnjerit bila dapat tune kan balik. susah siott, mcmne la depa leh tune cepat sgt, ssh nak determined sounds tu. hahha amek kau sampai nk tido aku dok senyum2 bangga la, gune telinga je nk dengar. tp tak larat la weh, bingai aku kalau hari2 nk spend mcm ni tuk tune je. but somehow, it motivated me and gives an exercise. maybe i should do it often so i could recognize the sounds well faster.okay, tu je nak cakap. ni pon banyak dh bebel, bukan korg baca pon kan2? haha bye!


  1. hahaha...better get urself a guitar tuner..kalau ada guitar pro pon ok..ada tuner..bleh tune guna mic pada laptop or pc..dgn cara ni lebih cepat dapat tangkap bunyi setiap kod..praktis menjadikan kita hampir sempurna ( :

  2. ohh guitar pro leh ek? ahhaha ada download tp tak belek2 sgt. btw, thnks ya :)

  3. beli gitar karen..kompom tangan tak sakit hahahaha