Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pahang Art Museum

Hello peeps! We meet again. Okay this post I should’ve done it in ages but well as you see I'm busy right and yet I'm sooo lazy to type. So, i just wanna share my experiences when I was in Pahang Art Museum. Hey guys, have you been there? if not, come there. Well, I'd been asked to follow my boss to pahang because we have to set up for the exhibition called "Buka panggung" yeayhh the theme is about silat. if you dunno what is silat means go and ask prof google hahaha. I went there after "being there" photography exhibition on Hepatitis World's Day well what the exact date is? I think it was on 20-21st June.

I had to come early in the morning (8 am ok!) and loaded all the things inside the lorry. After that i went to my boss's home at jalan maarof. So, I met a great Malaysia leading Sculptor, Raja Shahriman. And again, if you dunno who is him please ask Mr Google. I'm get flattered cause i was able to meet him in a person. (I've met him already when i was in diploma in my trip). This is different cause I can talk to him whenever i want. He's so polite and humble and he doesn't look 44! I would believe if he says that he 35++. haha.

Ok, at jalan maarof I have to move all his sculptures and painting inside the lorry. OMG, the sculptures were so0oo heavy I couldn’t even breathe! I’ve no idea why he chose us, we are both girls besides. But it’s ok, I don’t get opportunity in that often eh?  We arrived there at 4 pm and as usual we had to work and bla bla bla. Madam (Raja Elina) treated me lunch and dinner as well for two days. Thanks madam, love you hehe.

Nothing much actually but I was so lucky cause I met people there, talked to them, get to know and etc.  Thanks boss for asking me to follow. And thanks madam for letting me to stay at your house in that night after coming back from Pahang at almost 1 am. And thanks also to great great great artist, Raja Shahriman for contributing ideas and commenting my artworks. It’s my honor . Thanks again! Meet you again~ :)

With Raja Shahriman and her mother.

unpacking artworks

Unloading artwoks

me and me :)

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