Saturday, June 25, 2011

Connecting People

Err actually i have to post this before the Pahang Art Museum, but never mind! Well, just wanna to brag that I've met a million of people when I started doing my practical in here. I think it all started from "being there" photography exhibition.

Originally, it was about charity on Hepatitis World Day, so all the photographers were invited to join this. I'd been asked to do title cards, poster, hanged artworks and all kind of stuff. This is when I met different kind of people such as firdaus herrow, Rupajiwa Studio, BULB and lots more!

Firdaus Herrow is a bachelor graduated and now he's doing a master in photography. Rupajiwa studio is an art group handled by en fuad and haris. They been doing photography+architecture graduated from UTM. BULB stands for Barudak Urban Light Bandung is a group from Bandung, Indonesia. This group handled by Hikaru and other members too.

There's a lot more but I couldn't write all of them in here or else, it would be 50 pages just to mention their names. :) well, I think enough for this i'll update soon! Till then, see ya!!!! :D

Barudak Urban Light Bandung (BULB)
Rupajiwa Studio Wan Fuad and Haris Airul

Linda, Farah, me and Fahmi

Me, Firdaus Herrow and Wan Fuad from Rupajiwa Studio


  1. Barudak Urban Light Bandung tu Indonesians ke? Nape dia post kat wall FB anit cakap cam melayu jek? Hehe~

  2. yess,, indonesian,,, bandung mari. haah dorg cakap pon cm melayu2 ket, muka pon cm mlayu2 ket. friendly tau dorg tu