Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunway Pyramid

Just came back from SP with nothing in my hands. I've been looking for the art books and I found nothing there. well i guess MPH is not bigger as I thought. It much much much smaller than the Mid Valley. So I just went to Guardian and bought the Retin-A cream, yeayh3 the doctor suggested me to buy that stuff so I can peel off all the scars in here and there as soon as possible. well i really hate those uninvited scars all around my face. I wanna get rid of it! so after that, I ended up eating prosperity burger at Mcd that i've been craved so much on the other day. hee well actually, i just wanted to eat those curly fries only, nymmehhhhhh. that's all I'd spent my all day with my parent. I was thinking to go to Kinokuniya and Karangkraf. well, anybody cares to join? :) ok till then yo!
uuuuuuuuuu yummehhhhhhh

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