Sunday, November 20, 2011

alhamdulillah. selamat pulang ayah & mama :)

yesterday night i went back home to fetch my parents who just came back from mecca. went there by car with my sis & brother in law, not forgotten my lovely nephew, adam~ after arrived there and when i saw my parent walking towards me suddenly my tears can't stop from falling. i just missed them so so so much that i can't even find the words. allah, thanks for taking care them for me and arrived home safely. hope they get haji mabrur insyaallah aminnn ya allah. so, apa lagi, pas nk jalan sblh ayah mama kena sopan, kena hormat mereka :) i try my best. btw, thnks for the jubah. really like it! <3 mmuahhhhhh! love you both!

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